7 Features You Never Knew You Wanted In a Baby Backpack

When you become a new parent, it quickly becomes apparent that you’re going to need to have a “baby kit” on you at all times. Babies can’t exactly care for themselves, so anytime you’re out and about, you’ll need to be able to quickly access essential gear such as diapers, bottles, pacifiers, wipes, and more.

Most people pick up a spare backpack they have lying around and designate it as their go-to baby bag. This works well enough, but only if you’re ignorant of the wonders of a true baby bag — one that’s specifically designed for parents. There are a lot of quality-of-life changes that can be made to a normal backpack in order to make it more parent-friendly, and that’s why we created Blissly Bags.

Blissly Bags are stylish, durable, well-made diaper backpacks that are specifically catered to new parents — mommies and daddies alike! Once you use a Blissly Bag, you’ll never want to go back. Here are some features you never knew you always wanted in a diaper backpack:”

Insulated Bottle Pockets

Sometimes it feels like feeding time is all day, and it’s easy to go through bottles much faster than you anticipated. Are you going out for the day and you want to be prepared with a sizable supply of milk? Blissly Bags have four designated insulated bottle holders. While it’s easy to put a bottle in the water-bottle-holder on normal backpacks, one isn’t nearly enough! If you want to bring more, you often have to throw them in a pocket, which also means they’ll be sloshing around with everything else you’re carrying around.

The bottle pockets on our bags are insulated, helping to prevent them from becoming too hot or too cold. Furthermore, they help to keep each bottle nice and secure, while also being easily accessible. Loose, leaky bottles in a backpack are a disaster — with Blissly Backpacks, you’ll never have that problem.

Exterior Wiping Compartment

After having a baby, you’ll wonder how you ever got by in life without constantly having wet wipes on-hand. Wipes are every parent’s best friend. They’re invaluable in diaper changing, they assist with throw-up incidents, and they can help keep your hands clean from slobber and all that other lovely stuff.

Sure, it’s not a huge deal having to unzip your backpack to find wipes, but what if there was an easier way? With Blissly Diaper Backpacks, there is. We have a special compartment that fits a wet wipe package, allowing you to pull them out any time you need them — no unzipping required! You’re basically a walking wipe dispenser when you wear one of these backpacks, but that’s not a bad thing when you’re a parent!

Of course, it’s not exactly sightly having wipes sticking out of your bag, but don’t worry, we’ve provided a magnetic cover that snaps into place to conceal them. With this system, getting wipes is convenient and effortless, but it doesn’t come at the cost of chic.

A Foldable Changing Pad

Isn’t it amazing how much babies can pee and poop? No? Not really? Okay, yeah, you’re probably right. Nevertheless, babies have the luxury of doing their business whenever they darn well please, and it’s really nice to be prepared in such a situation. Yeah, most retail stores have baby-changing stations, but that’s not something you can always count on. What if you’re on a hike? In the park? Out on the town? Sometimes a diaper change is a top priority, and that’s why we’ve equipped our diaper backpacks with a portable baby-changing station!

Aside from the aforementioned wipes that are always at your disposal, Blissly Bags contain a padded changing pad that folds out, allowing you to lay your baby on a comfortable surface while you change out their diaper. If there’s one thing that most normal backpacks have, it’s certainly not this — just one example of many of how we have tailored our backpacks specifically for parents!

Pockets, Pockets, and More Pockets

What is a good backpack if it’s not stuffed with pockets? You can always find a good use for a pocket, and we’re not sure you can ever have enough. Our backpacks, of course, are designed with this mentality, each one containing 20 pockets of varying shapes and sizes.

We mentioned the bottle pockets earlier, but there are many more that are explicitly designed for your convenience. As a parent, you always have a lot of baby stuff to carry around, so you can bet that we’ve provided generous room for diapers, binkies, spare clothes, toys, and more. But you’re not just a parent, you’re a person, and you undoubtedly have a lot of trinkets you have to carry around on a day-to-day basis. Have no fear, Blissly Backpacks can do the job!

We’ve provided sizeable pockets that can store laptops and tablets. We have pockets that can comfortably hold smartphones, wallets, and keys. And the best part is that they’re all neatly arranged and organized, leaving no room for clutter in your backpack. As a parent, this is especially important, because sometimes you need immediate access to baby items. It’s no good when you have to dig through a mess of clutter!

Stroller Straps

We don’t need to tell you why strollers are an invaluable accessory for any parent. But there’s always the question of what other stuff you’re putting on the stroller aside from your baby. In an ideal world, your backpack would have straps that make it easy and convenient to secure to your stroller.

Well, we believe in an ideal world, so we’ve gone ahead and put those on our Blissly Backpacks. While any backpack can be rigged to a stroller, it’s often more of a convenience than it’s worth when you have to completely undo the straps. Blissly Diaper Backpacks have separate straps that you can easily attach to a stroller, allowing you to keep your pack accessible while not having to adjust the shoulder straps.


When it comes to diaper backpacks and baby bags, your mileage may vary. Some have inoffensive designs, while others try a little too hard to say “I’m a baby bag!” We believe that the best backpacks are the ones that achieve simplicity and elegance at once, and that’s the design philosophy we’ve applied to our bags.

Blissly Backpacks don’t look like diaper backpacks at all, and they could easily be mistaken for any other “normal” backpack. This is nice when you’re out and about; there’s no need for your backpack to draw attention to itself. Nevertheless, our backpacks maintain a high-quality, aesthetically pleasing design despite their lack of flashiness.

Want something a little more chic? You’ll love our over-the-shoulder diaper bags, which could easily double as a purse or give off the appearance of a stylish laptop bag. Our diaper bags come in striped varieties that are complemented by elegant leather features. The best part of all is that they can convert into a backpack with adjustable straps. These bags don’t hold as much as our diaper backpacks do, but they’re more versatile and stylish — a fair tradeoff for many people!

High-Quality Materials

Finally, the most important part of a backpack is the potential for longevity. Backpacks should be meant to last, and you should never have to be worried about holes, permanent stains, or the whole thing ripping and dumping your contents.

Our intention at Blissly wasn’t just to create a fine baby diaper backpack — it was to create a great backpack in general. Sure, our products are designed for new parents, but our backpacks are still viable even after your baby caretaking days are long behind you. The various pockets, compartments, and features make it useful for any purpose under the sun, and the materials are built to last.

Blissly Backpacks are made with a high-quality polyester material that’s easy to clean should it ever get stained. The interiors are lined with water-resistant material, making spills a far less frustrating affair.

Order Your Blissly Diaper Backpack Today

You may not have ever known that you wanted these features in a backpack, but once you experience them, it’s hard to go back. Quality-of-life upgrades can mean the world to parents, who are already busy enough dealing with all the little challenges that come with raising a baby. We’re here to make life easier! Order a Blissly Diaper Backpack today, and you’ll never need another backpack again.