Welcome to Blissly!

Hello Blissly readers, and welcome to our new website! For everyone who is familiar with our Bliss Bag products, you might notice something has changed — that’s right, we’re no longer Bliss Bag, we now go by the name of Blissly!

While our Bliss Bags have long been a favorite for parents all over the country, we no longer felt like “Bliss Bag” was the right name for our company as a whole. Why? Because we believe we can do so much more! While we’re still putting all of our focus on our innovative and stylish baby diaper backpacks and bags, the bottom line is that we want to eventually make all kinds of products for new parents. 

Our new brand name, Blissly, reflects this. Instead of focusing only on bags, we wanted to focus on the word “bliss” itself — after all, is that not what parenthood is all about? Babies and children sure can be difficult at times, but ultimately, the blissful joy they bring us is worth the hard work and late nights. We don’t want little annoyances to get in the way of your bliss, and that’s why we’re committed to providing a variety of products that make life easier for parents.

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Our Story

Founded in 2017, Blissly started as a family-owned business created by a Husband (Chris) and Wife (Danielle). We were on the go with a newborn and two-year-old and needed a diaper backpack so we could be hands-free while out of the house.

We started looking for a diaper backpack that was fashionable and comfortable for both Mom and Dad to wear. We found many options on the market. However, each diaper backpack seemed to be lacking the functionality we were looking for.

So, with a background in packaging and manufacturing, we started the process of designing and bringing to life our first diaper backpack. We’ve designed the Blissly line with real-life parents in mind.

Our passion is to create products that will make life easier for parents. While we continue to grow Blissly, we are committed to making high quality, durable, affordable products that are both stylish and functional.


A Diaper Bag for Dad and Mom

When we designed the first Blissly diaper backpack, there was one thing we really wanted to focus on — beautiful aesthetics. While functionality is ultimately the most important aspect of any backpack (more on that below), it’s undeniable that the look and feel of it can make or break a purchasing decision.

One problem we found with other baby bags is that they’re often designed to look like a baby bag. But it’s the parent who’s wearing it, not the baby! And when a parent goes out, it’s usually not with the intention of drawing attention to themselves. We wanted our bags to be stylish and sophisticated, the kind of accessory or backpack that you could bring anywhere, anytime, without feeling like you’re out of place.

Dads in particular love Blissly Bags because they avoid the cutesy aesthetic that you often find in other baby-related parenting gear. The Blissly Black Diaper Backpack is one of our most popular items for dad — it wouldn’t feel out of place in an office, a mountain trail, or pretty much anywhere in public. Meanwhile, all those essential baby accessories will be stored nice and secure!


What Makes Blissly Bags Special

Are you unfamiliar with Blissly Bags? Are you wondering what we could possibly do that would make our bags so much better than regular backpacks? Well buckle up, because our bags are loaded with parent-friendly features that make parenting life so much easier.

  • Pockets Galore: Our baby bags have 20 pockets, and our diaper bags have 13. These hold everything you’ll need as a parent. You’ll have no problem storing diapers, clothes, accessories, toys, and personal effects in a Blissly Bag.
  • Insulated Bottle Pockets: Our backpacks have four insulated pockets that are tailor-made for baby bottles. Always keep a fresh supply on hand, with no concerns about spilling.
  • Exterior Wiping Pocket: You never know when your baby is going to have an accident. Blissly bags have an immediately accessible external wipe pocket, allowing you to pull wipes straight out of your backpack without having to open it! When not in use, you can cover it up with an easy magnetic cover.
  • Quality Materials: Blissly Bags are made with water-resistant polyester material with breathable mesh. These materials are built for longevity, and they are easy-to-clean with a damp cloth.
  • Foldable Changing Pad: Need to change your baby’s diaper on the fly? Pull out the foldable changing pad and you can do so comfortably, no matter where you are.

Shop Blissly Diaper Backpacks Today

We’re excited to grow Blissly into a brand that parents all over the country will come to recognize as one that cares for their needs. Want to own the best baby diaper backpack on the market? Be sure to check out our shop and pick your favorite color! Meanwhile, if you have any questions, be sure to contact us today.

As we continue to grow our business, we look forward to bringing you along with us on our journey!


The Duran Family